2022 05 07

Neo-Metabolism is a planetary research and design practice. We push towards futures with more fairly distributed agency, equity, and resilience. We believe in decentralised infrastructure and trustful networks. 

         Next to our self-initiated projects, we seek healthy long-term partnerships with impact focused organisations. Here, we act as a support structure, offering substantial capacities on-demand: from critical cultural research and analysis, to organisational strategy, identity and narrative development, the design of graphics, objects and spaces, product prototyping, media and thought production. 

        Once, we were named after Metabolism (新陳代謝), an architectural movement rethinking urban life in post-catastrophe Japan. In response to the “world as factory” perspective of industrial modernity, the Metabolists relied on biological and ecological notions when conceiving architecture and infrastructure. They saw cities not as planned deployments, but as dynamic, living assemblages. We find their thinking useful today, as it offers the potential to move from anthropocentric to more-than-human worlding. To us, Metabolism highlights that material, information, and semiotic flows are deeply, wildly interconnected, and constantly in flux. We also follow feminist, new materialist thought, in the understanding that matter is vibrant, nothing is static, and tiny interventions can have a decisive impact on the whole.

        As a legal entity, we are a 100% member-owned cooperative under Dutch law. Our core crew is currently based in Amsterdam, Toronto and Los Angeles.

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