Release 2022 12 20


    “Instead of the fortress, there are numerous fortresses now, and various people have keys. Treasures are no longer stored in the secluded cellars and tombs of the few, but guarded by the many. A new language is evolving, used to keep assets safe and allow those who watch over them to communicate, directly and discretely.

    The hieroglyphic system consists only of geometric shapes, as an homage to the interconnected data centers with their cages, racks, and cabinets.”

All miners shall have their own, personalised Glif, 
as a gesture of allegiance.

Verifier Glif is an automated Filecoin notary
which authenticates network credentials
for access to better storage rates

Safe Glif is a Filecoin multi-sig wallet
for securely storing and group-managing funds

    Glif is a family of interoperable tools for the Filecoin network. Filecoin enables decentralized, encrypted storage of personal and commercial data.

    Instead of storing your files in a centrally governed cloud, imagine your data owned by you and stored safely by someone near you. Instead of trusting your company’s confidential documents to a single corporation, imagine it reliably stored with guaranteed longevity.

Sender Glif is a lightweight interface
for making Filecoin transfers

Node Glif is used to build applications
for the Filecoin network.

Explorer Glif is an interface
for reviewing Filecoin network activity.

     Glif is the place where decentralized file storage and cryptocurrency interconnect.

Release Notes
2022 12 20

Neo-Metabolism provided naming, narrative development, and visual language for GLIF. We produced a family of five objects, translating the utility of different apps into speculative hardware with recognizable, communicative characters: Sender, Safe, Explorer, Verifier and Node Glif. 

Contributors: Ghikhan (objects), Clint Soren (Glif marks), Georgia Kareola (narrative), Carsten Goertz (concept), Jon Schwartz (Glif project lead)