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In this meandering interactive 3D experience - Felix Luke offers a look at the digital milieu, the dialectical aspects of this construct & what role it is to play if we are to head towards a more equitable, utopian organization of human life. Our increasing inability to separate online superstructure and physical structure has rendered the lines between these two architectures blurred.


Felix Luke lives and works in London and is, at the time of writing, 23. With a background in graphic design, he is increasingly turning his interest to using code and creative technologies, exploring tensions between the digital milieu and the extreme self. Musical score by Luke Ferrero.

Utopian Thinking in the dark times – Spring/Summer 2022 Research Capsule by Neo-Metabolism – Editors: Georgia Kareola, Kavya Venkatraman, Nicholas Burman – Contributors: Felix Luke, Misha Kakabadze, Oskar Johanson, Nicholas Burman, Maithri, Frédérique Albert-Bordenave – Paintings: Eric L. Chen – Wordmark: Clint Soren – Site: dolor~puritan x cargo – Published: 1 March 2022