Living Systems

What is Living Systems about?

For too long, the field of architecture has been strained by economic dependencies, short-term planning, and ego-centric thinking, draining it of its creative powers and problem-solving qualities.

Living Systems, a practice for planetary architecture, urbanism, and technology aims to fundamentally reconstruct the architectural profession through applied research, integrative design, and alternative financing models, developing approaches for human habitation that respect the planet's boundaries, serve the common good, sustain life at scale, and nourish the future.

How do Neo-Metabolism and Living Systems relate?

Enmeshed in an ongoing partnership, Neo-Metabolism has provided Living Systems with Identity Development, including text and image production, from the moment of inception. Our common ground consists of shared convictions about cooperative housing models, equitable (urban) living, and globally distributed workspaces.

Together, we developed the principle of Enoughness, which defines their practice. Like them, we believe that taking the simple yet critical question of sufficiency as a radical departure point, can deliver much needed systemic change.

How much is enough?

When was this released? 

2021 04 28