If I could listen to owncore, what would it sound like?

What’s the dream?

You wake up.
You are in charge of your attention.
All your apps run on owncore.

If you leave traces online, like one of your thoughts, a photo, or bits of your personal profile, it's because you choose so. You get some value in return, some token. You, the token and the many others that went all-owncore, form a planetary energy exchange system. You own your core, together you own the system.

How do you make it real?

Owncore is both a communal infrastructure and an infrastructural community. It exists to increase the agency and equity of all Internet users. Building on top of the existing web3 stack, owncore produces required technical components, critical cultural positions and accessible onboarding materials, to trigger and accelerate a mass-exodus from a broken internet 2.0, towards the equitable internet which the world deserved in the first place.

Who is behind this?

Owncore is a DAO, initiated by a small, anonymous team of developers and web3 thinkers. Neo-Metabolism is a core member, contributing strategy, narrative, and design. Initial grant-funding, tied to the development of infrastructural components, is provided by the Filecoin Foundation.

When does it come out?

We’re just getting started, but we expect to ship first installments by Q1 2022. If you like to receive updates, subscribe.