Planetary Meditation – Subterra

Thinking like a planet, or practicing planetary thought, may help us expand our awareness beyond the scale of the day-to-day.

This meditation invites you to travel through the different layers of the Earth, to connect with the planet from the inside, and perceive it as a whole. After meditative exercises that focus on the breath and body, we bring awareness to the elements outside the body. From there, we will use the imagination to safely guide you into the Earth, where you’ll experience subterranean wonders. After completing the imaginative, narrative journey, we return safely to where you began, bringing attention to the breath and body to enable a smooth transition back into your day.

Voice: Francesca Gobeille
Narrative: Georgia Kareola & Francesca Gobeille
Sound: Marcus Schmickler
Artwork: Clint Soren

2021 08 14