Sensitives Stream
What is this?

Sensitives Stream highlights the importance of river dwelling organisms and how their presence or absence indicates signicifant stories about ecosystems, environmental stress, and human activity. This project was created by London-based artist duo Matterlurgy, to increase awareness of the human entanglement with the environment, and to investigate more-than-human ways of knowing. The project enables multi-sensory, embodied ways of engaging with the river and its organisms, and teaches alongside this, about river health and toxicity.

Who did what?

Matterlurgy conducted field research in the river Calder, UK, investigating the livelihoods of the Sludge Worm and the Caddisfly.

Neo-Metabolism was involved in the co-development of the digital site. In collaboration, immersive, raw media feeds were adapted into various formats, enabling the project to be streamed through various channels.

The non-human protagonists were modelled and textured by Ivano Salonia.

When was this released?

2021 05 18