Georgia Kareola (Writer/Researcher)
Leading Narrative Development.
Currently completing an MA in Comparative Cultural Analysis at the University of Amsterdam. Her thesis explores the human-sun relationship, from rituality to resource extraction. Background in art publishing and criticism.

Carsten Goertz (Strategist/Creative Director)
Leading Identity Development & Communication Design.
10+ yrs as Creative Director in high profile design teams, across the industries of fashion, automotive, luxury and technology (at Random Studio, Apple, Meiré und Meiré, Bruce Mau Design). Focus on Brand Strategy and Experience Design in digital and IRL context.
4 yrs as Assistant Professor for Visual Methods at the Institute for Music and Media Düsseldorf. Formal training in Communication Design and Media Arts.

Clint Soren (Graphic Designer)
Leading Graphic Design.
5+ yrs as designer at GAP and Urban Outfitters. Roots in zine culture and club music.

Eric L. Chen (Art Director)
Self-taught Art Director with a background in business administration. Focus on youth culture, inclusivity and power dynamics.

Ghikhan Didier (Industrial Designer)
Industry experience in automotive, fashion and footwear. Uses hardware/objects as a means to propose new relations between people, communities, and their environments. Rooted in techno culture.


Our circle of contributors (currently ~35 people) brings on-demand, interdisciplinary input and expertise, to both our publishing practice and applied design work. It includes cultural researchers, sustainability experts, photographers, UX/UI designers, visual artists, videographers, animators, architects and urbanists. As locals in various communities across Europe, the North & South Americas and Australia, they serve as a critical sounding board when it comes to questions of inclusion and representation.