Utopian Thinking (open call)

The idea of an imaginary community or society with near perfect qualities, has been contagious in literary fiction, political thought, countercultural movements and technological avant-gardes. What does utopian thinking give us, what are its proven historical pitfalls, and what its possibilities? How does imagining ideal futures function in the Anthropocene, with the abyss of climate collapse on the horizon?

For our upcoming season, we invite artists, writers, and academics to reflect on Utopian Thinking. We encourage critical analyses of utopian movements or relevant cultural objects, fictional stories and poems that include utopian thought, and internet-friendly artworks that grapple with these topics.

Send your proposal (max. 200 words for a written piece, or audio/visual work in any format) to with “Utopian Thinking” as the subject.

We favour work that has not yet been published elsewhere. Adaptations of earlier publications are, however, welcome.

Is there a contributor fee? 

Yes. Selected contributions will be compensated with a flat fee of € 200. We are aware that this does not match a living wage in many places, and are working to raise this in our next seasonal call.

What is the timeline?

This call closes on 31 October 2021 (midnight). Contributors will be notified by 30 November 2021. Production will take place until 31 January, with room for edits and peer-reviews in the case of written pieces. Publication date: February 2022.

2021 08 14