In 2032, the Planetary Ecosystem Regeneration Project (PERP) officially launched their first series of SeedPods. This international research collaboration, spanning several of the world’s surviving urban, rural, subterranean, and subaquatic communities, brought together shared knowledge and expertise of ecosystem development. Combining practices of Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK), Revived Indigenous Technology (RIT), Biodynamic Agriculture, Microbiology, Solar Engineering, and Whole Systems Faith Work, PERP developed a formula for ‘vessels of hope’— as they are called by some members — designed to repair and regenerate desecrated bioregions on the planet. While the collective enterprise of PERP is formulated by members from various decentralized communities, each with their own local economies and barter systems (backed by DIA4.22 interface-value token measurement), PERP interlinks different and collective necessity to generate the research behind the SeedPods in close collaboration with the Council of Revived Indigenous Technology (known as ‘The Council’).